Antenatal Support

Antenatal Group

First Step Community Project runs a 6 week antenatal group. This group is relaxed, informal and is aimed at providing parents with a range of useful information for before and after baby is born. There is a strong focus on active participation of attendees - encouraging parents-to-be to talk to each other and share hopes, wishes and experiences. Please see below for more information about what the programme covers.

Week 1: Labour, birth and choices:

  • Group discussion and sharing information about labour, birth and choices.

Week 2: Caring for yourself after baby has arrived:

  • Group discussion about expectation for after baby has arrived.

  • Information session with perinatal physiotherapist.

Week 3: Baby sleep and routines:

  • Realistic expectations – how much sleep does baby need?

  • Safe sleeping

  • Helping babies to sleep

Week 4: Baby feeding and weaning :

  • A discussion about the pros and cons of breast, bottle and combi-feeding

  • Weaning baby – what to expect

  • Where to find feeding supports

Week 5: Baby development :

  • Baby development

  • How does baby’s brain work?

  • How do we play with babies and why is this important?

Week 6: Q&A:

  • Q&A with parents in the local community

  • Information sharing about supports in the community

If you are interested in more information about the group then please contact the Senior Family Coordinator at: