Our Wee Bears and Big Bear playrooms offer nursery provision for children between the ages of 1 1/2 to 5 years within the Musselburgh catchment area.

Wee Bears

Our Wee Bears are aged between 1 1/2 years and 3 years and have access to two main playrooms which offer a variety of experiences for young children. Typical experiences provided can include story and song sessions, water play, painting, heuristic sessions, role play and helping to make play dough.

Wee Bears have access to a well equipped, enclosed garden on a daily basis. Outside children have opportunities to search for insects, help to care for the flowers and plants, create pies at our mud kitchen or splash in the puddles. Wee Bears will often enjoy short walks and visits to places within the local areas such as the Library, Train Station and Local Parks.

Within our Wee Bears playroom we work on the ratio of one adult to every three children, this allows our highly qualified staff time to monitor and observe the needs and interests of the children. It also allows our staff to respond quickly and plan appropriately using the Pre Birth to Three guidance and record children's progress on their online learning journal.

You can log in to your child's Learning Journal by clicking the link below

Big Bears

Our Big Bears children are usually between the ages of 3-5 years old. They too have access to two main playrooms and their own garden. Within Big Bears children have access to a variety of opportunities some of which include feeding our pet fish, caring for the nursery plants, looking after the environment through our Eco-Committee, attending Nature Nurture sessions and assisting in making lunch. Our regular provision for children such as role play, writing table, story corner, sand and water trays, ICT and construction areas all provide a secure learning environment for children which they can revisit prior learning or discover new things.

Learning experiences

Learning experiences for children are carefully planned and are based upon children's needs, interests and next steps in learning. Learning is always fun in big bears and children have opportunities to share their goals, interest and record their own achievements in their own online learning journal. We encourage parents to also be a part of their child's learning by sharing news from home, getting involved in the nursery session, or adding to their child's online learning journal.

You can log on to your child's Learning Journal by clicking the link below:

Waiting List

First Step operates a waiting list for allocation of nursery places. In order to place your child on the waiting list a waiting list form must be completed and returned to the project.

If you require further information on our playrooms, catchment area or have a question about the nursery then please contact Jennifer Mitchell, Early Years Manager on 0131 665 0848 or