Baby Bookbug

Baby Bookbug

From the minute a baby is born they are ready to interact with the world. Interacting through songs, rhymes and stories are all fantastic ways for us to help stimulate and play with babies while also supporting their early language development. Babies love faces and singing is a great opportunity to have face to face time with a baby. Singing to your baby helps them learn the rhythm of language, facial expressions and that in conversations we take turns.

Our Baby Bookbug class is tailored specifically for the needs of babies under 1 year old. We welcome all parents/carers to our group whether it’s your first time or you attend regularly – everyone is greeted with a smile.

Our group leader sings well known songs and nursery rhymes whilst also adding in some new ones. Each session will have a variety of songs such as:

  • Our hello song to welcome everyone

  • Rub or tickly songs/rhymes

  • Songs/rhymes for bouncing or lifting up baby

  • Scarf songs like ‘peek a boo’ (a muslin, light weight scarf can be used)

  • Shaker songs (a shaker can be homemade – a bottle with rice/pasta)

  • Lycra/parachute songs – using these items help stimulate babies and allow them to experience feeling a breeze and seeing things move from close to further away

  • Calming/relaxing songs/rhymes

  • Light songs – we often use an electronic light to create different shapes and colours

  • Goodbye song

We also offer a selection of books and invite grown-ups to share a story with their baby. This can be as simple as looking at black and white picture books or sharing a story with lots of different words.

At the end of each session grown-ups are encouraged to stay and chat over a cuppa/biscuit. This is a lovely time where parents/carers share anecdotes of what things help them with teething, sleeping, weaning etc. We feel it’s really important for grown-ups to have a safe and comfortable space to gain peer support.

Do I need to book a place?

No booking needed! This group is a drop in so just pop along as and when it suits you.

Bookbug and Covid-19

Due to current restrictions this group will be held online via Zoom for the foreseeable future.

We also run a live Bookbug session on Facebook – please follow us so you can find out the details of up-and-coming live sessions.

“It’s just like sitting in my living room here. It’s so relaxed”.

“This is the best class I’ve been to and I’ve been to lots”.

“The Bookbug we come to is the best. Out of all the groups I go to, the ones that Michelle does are by far the best”