Grans Group

Gran’s Group

Our Gran’s group at First Step has been running for over a decade and meets weekly. The aim of this group is to reduce social isolation, increase community connectedness and promote physical and mental health.

They enjoy a cuppa and a chat as well as a full activity planner, which includes various activities such as Indoor Curling, visits to local places, the theatre, meals out, and walking.

We also work in partnership with local agencies such as Ageing Well East Lothian and community development to facilitate activities and themed sessions.

Intergenerational Group.

First Step Worked Partnership with Ageing Well and Child Health to run a series of sessions bringing both generations together; Early Years (Big Bears) and the elderly (Gran's Group). The overarching aim of this was to increase physical and social wellbeing for both generations through fun and engaging monthly sessions bring both groups together but realised that there would be other outcomes pertaining to this group that we wanted to encompass.


Outcome 1

Older adults will have increased confidence to participate in new activities

Outcome 2

Participants will gain an increased understanding of each other's age groups

Outcome 3

Participants will have increased levels of physical activity

Outcome 4

Participants will have increased social connections through group engagement

The Intergenerational Project was a real success. There was a real community feel about the project, which came through from the evaluations and this was down to the participation of both the Gran's and children and their enthusiasm towards each session.

Our full report and impact of Our Intergenerational group can be found below

Intergenerational Report

If you would like more information on our Gran’s Group then please contact Tina Pollock, Project Manager on